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Go to the zoo, see the puppies(?)

By Sj.Cliff
Go to the zoo, see the puppies(?)

The zoo is full of strange animals, but can you imagine walking into a zoo and seeing a pack of wild, ferocious… Yorkshire Terriers (?).

Welcome to the weird and wonderful Central  Zoo of North Korea and its newest attraction.

While we may think it’s really strange to have to visit a zoo to see the fluffy dog, most North Koreans aren't familiar with the breed, as it was originally bred to catch rats in Yorkshire.

There’s even an information cards containing key fact such as:

"Each one has long hair - tan on its head and legs and blue grey on its body," 

"It is 22-24cm tall and weighs 2.5-3.5kg. It lives about 14 years on an average."

If that wasn't enough for you thrill-seekers, the zoo has said the dogs are learning “several feats”

Shake hands anyone?

After reading this article, the team here at TSG Towers has been looking into other, relatively normal animals we wouldn't really expect to see at the zoo…






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