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Christmas at 10 compared to in your 20’s

By Sj.Cliff
Christmas at 10 compared to in your 20’s

The difference is real.

At 10: Trying to sleep on Christmas Eve was the hardest task known to mankind.

In your 20’s: Mulled wine seems to sort that one out for you.

At 10: You were still up at 6am to wake your parents up and see if Santa had left you anything nice.

Don’t worry 20’s: The wine’s still got ya.

At 10: Gifts were a good 80% of the reason why Christmas was so epic. So you have to open them 80 x quicker than you’d usually do anything.

In your 20’s: You’re too choosy and everything you want is too expensive. But the three gifts you have are chosen with care.

At 10: Christmas dinner went from a huge feast with yucky sprouts…

In your 20’s: … to a freaking epic, free meal that you’ll be dreaming about for weeks afterwards.

At 10: After dinner time was the time to bask in the pile of awesome things you’ve got.

In your 20’s: In your 20’s its nap time. Many food coma. Much sleeps.

At 10: Once you’re close

In your 20’s: Nap time over… LET’S GET DRUNK.

At 10: Mid-way through the adults waking up and having a drink, more family comes over... Which means more presents!

In your 20’s: Mid-way through drinking, your extended family shows up. Positives: more drinks, negatives: you’re now drinking with more old people.

At 10: When you’re 10, Christmas starts winding down at about 8, when the obligatory holiday film (or Shrek) comes on the TV.

In your 20’s: Who knew Shrek could be a drinking game?

At 10: And you finally fall asleep on your mountain of toys, your Christmas countdown resets.

In your 20’s: But now you’re an adult, you can try again to convince yourself that eggnog is delicious. If you drink enough it has to be, right?


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