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An urgent Clothing Appeal for celebs

By Sj.Cliff
An urgent Clothing Appeal  for celebs

This is an urgent appeal on behalf of TheStudentGuide.com. We are looking for you to donate clothing or change to wardrobally challenged celebrities.

It seems to be happening more and more, that our favourite (or less well-liked) celebs are stepping out the house, going to awards ceremonies or flooding our Instagram accounts with photographs of them wearing so little it borders on ridiculous.

Take little Miley as an example. Despite having more money than common sense, this 22-year old woman still cannot remember to buy/put clothing on in the morning, leading to embarrassing situations like this…

-Images via Instagram @MileyCyrus

But it seems she isn’t alone. Other celebs are struggling to get dressed too, like Selena Gomez.

And poor Madonna has gone without clothing for hundreds of years…

-Image via Instagram @Madonna

She’s 56! She needs our help more than anyone!

Here at TheStudentGuide.com, we want pointless celebrity nudity to stop, but we can only do that with your help. Send us your spare denim offcuts now – even a little piece could make the difference between classy lady and nip-slip tramp!

We’d rather celebs looked like this…

…than see Madonnas nipple EVER again.

Thank you for your time.

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