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5 things we learnt from the new 1D perfume ad

By Sj.Cliff
5 things we learnt from the new 1D perfume ad

Perfume adverts are always a little ridiculous.

But no matter how strange they may be, nothing beats the new 1D advert.

Released today, the new advert tells the lads’ saga of how they bravely and gallantly gathered ingredients for their new scent “Between Us”.

That’s right, hand picked by Harry, Liam, Niall and that other guy. You too could smell like a flower, sea rock, apricot and an Irish man's tears.

Just check it out.

While that was as trippy as hell, full-length advert. It did teach us a few things. Not important things, but still.

Here’s what we learned:

1. Harry won’t let mountain climbing ruin his style.

Like hell does he need professional equipment, this lad uses his coolness to defy medical reasoning. Harry struts up to his rare flower void of any protective gear/warm clothing, despite apparently climbing a snowy mountain.

Guess his hair must keep him pretty toasty though.

2. Liam will never sound cool.

Like most of us in the office, Liam is a midlands lad – and we are not renowned for our charming accents. The Wolverhampton twang is only exacerbated by following Harry into the room – who now sounds like Chris Hemsworth…


3.  Wetsuits and Flippers are perfectly normal, outdoor wares.

On the subject of Liam again… why would you not just take of your bloody flippers and walk like a normal person? Or just put normal clothes on? Unless, wetsuits are an A/W15 staple now.

4.  You can totally get apricots in space.

Not from a space apricot tree – you peasant. You have to go to the space supermarket, in a space suit, while a regular old man just casually goes about his day.

5. Niall’s tears have a lot of appeal?

After watching the video, you’ll notice that little Niall drops a tear into the perfume, you know, to #bless it even more. Most normal people would think that’s a little creepy at best, and at worst plain dark.

But if you Twitter search the ad, Directioners are actually loosing their shit at the prospect of owning something that may or may not have tears in. Who’d have thought bodily fluids would do so well, aye?

Love it or hate it, this advert is pretty funny. Maybe the boys knew how stupid they looked? Perhaps it’s a huge ploy to make us like them a little more?

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