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5 most disturbing Sexual Education videos

By The Student Guide
5 most disturbing Sexual Education videos

As if sexual education wasn't awkward enough, weve found the worlds most cringe-worthy videos on the internet to get you up to speed on all of your sexual knowledge. The fact that these video's even exist is enough to make us want to crawl into a hole and never resurface. But at the very least, they make us thankful for our more tactful, liberal and modern sexual education.


1. Caught in the act.

This one is just straight up troubling. Ricky, with the look of a serial killer carries on wanking whilst his mum walks in, she even seems to enjoy it. 


2. You can’t catch gonorrhoea if you’re married.

This is what doctors should do at the GUMed not mess about consoling you, scruff bags..


3. Boys Beware

.“Homosexuality is a sickness, a sickness of the mind.” Young Jimmy thumbs his way into Ralph the homosexual. 


4. Worst Gym teacher ever

It’s a Gym class of four boys and he brings female reproductive system cycle cards. Bet their basketball team was shit..


5. Sex Education for girls

This one is quite long, but justifiably so. Jim is concerned about his arial but then gets as happy as a dad can be about his daughter having a period.



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