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5 Brits who can’t do accents

By Editor
5 Brits who can’t do accents

It's never been a better time to be a Brit in show business. Musically, they're conquering the music world on an international basis as well as scooping up all the best roles in Hollywood.

Sometimes, though, we Brits get caught out when attempting to do an accent. For every Idris Elba doing an exquisite Stringer Bell on The Wire, there's a numpty letting the side down with a poorly executed attempt at a different way of speaking other than their own.

And with the recent appearance of Daniel Radcliffe on Jimmy Fallon where he rapped Blackaclious' Alphabet Acrobatics in an faux-American style, (which we still can't make our mind up on) we decided it was time we revisited the times where Brits did it the worst.

Steve McClaren

Not a celebrity in the strict sense of the world, but this definitely catapulted him into the spotlight. Well, at least for few fleeting moments. What was brilliant about it was that he probably thought it was never get back to his native land, but in this internet age nothing slips past us.

I wonder when he was doing it his organs went to remission out of sheer embarrassment, or maybe he's the least self-aware person in the football world.  Who's to say?



Tom Hardy

No one will ever know what provoked Mr. Hardy into doing his whole 2010 interview with Jonathon Ross in the style of a South London rude boy, especially when he's from the leafy suburb of East Sheen. Maybe he did it for a film, but as far as we're aware it never came to fruition.

In fairness, though, his look was ahead of the game: a top knot with a pair of Air Max. Not so sure it worked with a suit, mind.



Joey Barton

He knows his way around 140 characters, but it seems that he should probably not be allowed to orate in public. Not only did he recently try to make a progressive point on Question Time by using a sexist analogy, but his French accent at a French press conference is too much to handle. One can maybe forgive him for the European lilt, but the occasional bouts of broken English are just bizarre.



Joss Stone

This is an ordeal to watch. Where she got her American twang from I do not know. What we do know is she should never do it again because it's distressing.



Daniel Radcliffe

At the start of his interview with Jimmy Fallon, when Hazza P said he could rap and was a lifelong hip hop fan, we weren't ready for him to be on stage with The Roots minutes later. But he was and it left us feeling a little weird. I'm not sure he should give up his day job of being a child star up just yet.




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