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10 unusual phobias

By Emma
10 unusual phobias

10 weird phobias that we’re glad we don’t have*

Globophobia (fear of balloons)

Some people are scared of the possibility that balloons will pop and make a loud bang, some of the touch and smell of the latex.

Agyrophobia (fear of crossing the street)

Very impractical.

Anglophobia (fear of England and English culture)

If you are living here and have this then you’re very unlucky.

Barophobia (fear of gravity)

How can this be true? Gravity is our friend!

Geniophobia (fear of chins)

We don’t understand how you can get through your life being scared of your chin, do you just never look in any mirrors or windows? And how do you speak to people?

Omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons)

Belly Buttons are weird

Syngenesophobia (fear of relatives)

This is a good excuse to get out of family holidays.

The following three are helpful excuses when you miss deadlines:


Fear of paper


Fear of books


Fear of Clocks

*Although we think these are medically recognised conditions, we can’t guarantee that the Urban Dictionary is the best second source.

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