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100 New Year’s resolutions

By TheStudentGuide
100 New Year’s resolutions

100 avenues to a new you.

If you still haven’t decided on a thing to stop / start /way to improve yourself then do not fear. We have compiled a handy list of resolutions (none of which you’ll keep, obv) so you can play along just like everyone else. I got 99 problems but a New Year’s Resolution ain’t one, as they say.

1. I will lose weight
2. I will be a better person
3. I will stop bitching
4. I will stop wasting money
5. I will study more
6. I will not go out as much
7. I will stop watching crap TV
8. I will stop smoking
9. I will start exercising
10. I will stop buying food out
11. I will stop stalking people on Facebook
12. I will not spend so much time on Facebook
13. I will give up Facebook
14. I will get Twitter
15. I will ask him / her out
16. I will start saving
17. I will clean the house / flat / box
18. I will get a new job
19. I will get a job
20. I will start getting up before 12
21. I will stop going to that take away which I know my friend got food poisoning from
22. I will start volunteering
23. I will clear out my clothes and give the unwanted ones to charity shops
24. I will speak up more in class
25. I will learn to shut my trap
26. I will write more neatly
27. I will start recycling
28. I will walk to places more instead of getting the bus / taxi
29. I will stop. buying. clothes
30. I will drink more water
31. I will eat more fruit
32. I will learn to cook
33. I will remember birthdays
34. I will remember to thank relatives for presents
35. I will visit home more often
36. I will visit home less often
37. I will get. over. him/her
38. I will email that person back
39. I will listen to that album
40. I will return that DVD
41. I will watch the news more often
42. I will be less sarcastic
43. I will be more funny
44. I will make more lists
45. I will tidy my room once a week
46. I will tidy my room
47. I will clean out the fridge
48. I will buy a laundry basket
49. I will un-learn Gangnam Style
50. I will keep in touch more
51. I will remember to ring my grandparents
52. I will stop playing tetris
53. I will not spent so much time on my phone
54. I will keep my promises
55. I will be on time
56. I will write letters
57. I will learn a new word every day
58. I will stop buying so many scratchcards
59. I will run the half marathon
60. I will make new friends
61. I will not make impulse buys
62. I will wait until Orange Wednesday to go to the cinema
63. I will be more organised
64. I will meet deadlines
65. I will do my work as soon as I get it
66. I will rinse the cereal bowl before I go out
67. I will join a society
68. I will join the debating society
69. I will leave the society
70. I  will turn the lights off when I leave the room
71. I will not fall asleep in my clothes
72. I will take my make up off before I got to bed
73. I will keep a diary
74. I will read a book
75. I will say yes more often
76. I will say no more often
77. I will stop over-thinking things
78. I will care less about what people think of me
79. I will have standards
80. I will take up yoga
81. I will never play Never Have I Ever again
82. I will donate some money to charity
83. I will spend less time looking at pictures of cute animals on the internet
84. I will start paying off my overdraft
85. I will eat less pizza
86. I will stop thinking about pizza
87. I will visit more people
88. I will stop taking my washing home to my mum
89. I will stop stealing little bits of other people’s food
90. I will get some Work Experience
91. I will not go over my phone contract
92. I will learn to work AND play
93. I will take a photo every day
94. I will take more advantage of my student discount
95. I will only wear matching underwear
96. I will stop getting Beer and a Burger every week
97. I will drink less pop
98. I will stop relying on energy drinks
99. I will make my New Year’s resolution on time
100. I will stop making New Year’s resolutions


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