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Students – don’t spend your uni years queuing

By myHermes UK
Students – don’t spend your uni years queuing

Being organised was never my thing, so when I realised I had a few hours to pack my possessions for the start of university panic firmly took hold.

Clothes, books (well perhaps two, a token gesture), pictures and CDs (showing my age) were all thrown into the back of my parents’ car for the trip. I sat in the car grinning smugly at a job well done, confident that I would have all I needed for the months ahead.

It took a matter of hours before disaster struck. Ready to settle down for the night I realised I had forgotten something quite important, my pillow.

Too cheap to buy another and too ashamed to ask my new flatmates for a spare, I rang home begging for another to be sent. A surprisingly understanding mother told me it would be sent first-thing. I was lucky my dad didn’t answer the phone.

Two days later it arrived. Not the pillow, the dreaded card. I was in the shower. I was filled with regret and anger – I knew what I had to do, mainly because my neck could take no more. I braved the harsh north-east winds (only those who have experienced it will understand) and made the voyage to the Post Office collection point. The queue and wait were almost as brutal, with thoughts not on the glorious pillow I was to receive but the walk back to halls in conditions completely alien to a southern softie.

Thankfully I made it back to the warmth and comfort of the pizza box-ridden flat. Hung over, with thoughts firmly on a bacon sandwich, it was an achievement to be proud of.

I know now it was all for nothing. Well, nothing is a tad over-dramatic, but still there was simpler way, and I didn’t even have to leave my cave.

With myHermes you can send and receive parcels without having to leave the house. Couriers will drop off and collect parcels from your doorstep, so no more queueing. Don’t make the mistake I did. Stay home, stay in bed, drink tea, eat toast and watch Hollyoaks. That or revise.

Oh, and if your parents ask why they should use myHermes, ask them "What is more important, queuing or education?"

Did you leave something at home? You might just want a new pair of trousers. Either way, enter our competition to win a £30 Topshop voucher. All you have to do is go on Twitter or Facebook and using the hashtag #bringittome tell us “What is the wrong thing you would like delivered from home?”

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