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Interview with Beth Sherburn

By Gemma.Cullen
Interview with Beth Sherburn

We spoke to Beth Sherburn, who's fresh on the pop/dance music scene, about what it's like to be working in a department store one day and signing a record deal the next...


You got discovered in Debenhams, does it feel really surreal?

Yes definitely! That’s the word I use all the time. I was working late around Christmas time and I was just singing along to Michael Buble’s White Christmas. This guy was by me and he said, “You’ve got a fantastic voice” and then he told me: “I’m a record producer. I’ve worked with Girls Aloud, Lawson, Take That...”

Did you believe him at first?

No I thought he was an absolute nutter! But he gave me his card and he said “Give me a call”. So I got home that night and I told my family and then we looked him up on the internet and it was true! I rang him and we organised for me to go down to London to the studio. I told him some of the songs I’d been writing and I sang a song, and there and then I signed a deal.

What do all your family and friends think about it?

They’re really excited and proud. And just to think the fact that Ordinary World, the Duran Duran cover I did, got to Number 8 in the music weekly special club chart and I was a Number 1 club chart breaker which was really really big for me. It was higher than Will I Am and Britney Spears and I can’t believe that because these artists are my biggest influences, I looked up to them when I was growing up. I had great support from Capital FM, BBC, and then Dance On Demand. And then the story was National — so The Sun did a cover, Daily Mail and other National newspapers. 

How did you find that — reading about yourself?

Like you say it was surreal really, I couldn’t believe it! But it was really nice support from everybody. That’s the main thing I guess.


Do you reckon you’d have attempted to get into music anyway even if you hadn’t been discovered?

Definitely, I’ve always worked really hard. When I was younger this is what I always wanted to do. So I didn’t want people to think: 'Oh yeah it just happened at work and she hasn’t done anything before'. In the past I’ve toured: I’ve sang solos at The Royal Albert Hall, Birmingham NIA, MEN arena. And I did that with Katherine Jenkins. That was really cool. And I’ve done musicals with Matthew Kelly and George Costigan.

So you’re kind of used to it?

Yeah and I’ve got my grades in music — I play piano. I am classically trained as well so I understand music, I've studied it, I've worked hard at it. And I have done National competitions as well. So it’s not like I’ve just sat at home and done nothing. I knew this is what I always wanted to do so I would have kept going I guess.

So you were saying you’ve covered Duran Duran’s Ordinary World. Can you think of any other songs you’re keen to cover or do you think you’re going to do all your original stuff?

I write all my own stuff so the next single, Overload, is my own song. I think I’d rather just try and do my own material. I’d always love to write with people though. I’d love to work with Calvin Harris. I think he’s taken the pop/dance world by storm. I actually saw his set at V and I thought 'wow this just looks fantastic'. David Guetta I really like as well. It’ll be amazing to be working with these people. Yeah influences like Kylie Minogue — I think she’s always stylish and fashion forward as well — and Britney Spears. I was lucky to see both of their shows — the Showgirl tour and the Circus tour. I just thought the costumes, the dancers, the whole show was just amazing.

Have you got any plans for a tour or anything?

I’d like to yeah. I’ve done a school tour and that went down really well. I performed for Prince Andrew which was amazing. And I’ve done a few Gay Prides. Just the whole audience gave a huge amount of energy — that’s what you need.

You shot a video in Alicante. What was that like?

It was amazing, I loved it! It’s the first official video I’ve ever done. The director I worked with had worked with Pitbull, Kelly Rowland, Will I Am — so the people I was working with are amazing, I’ve learnt a lot from them, it was really cool. Overload’s a proper summer anthem and I wanted that to reflect in the video, so it was the perfect setting because with that kind of song you can imagine having beach parties with your friends.

Are all of your songs the same genre? Do you think you’ll mix it up or stay with that genre?

I think at the moment I’m gonna stick to the pop/dance feel but I’m going to make sure it’s still got edgy lyrics and attitude. I do write ballads so I think some time in the future and my career I’d probably like to release a ballad but at the moment I’m really happy doing pop/dance, which is pretty hot at the minute anyway.

Do you think you’ll write for other people?

I’d like to in the future. I always write songs and, if maybe I don’t particularly want to use that song, I’ll always open it up to other people definitely.

What can fans expect from you for the rest of this year?

Well Overload’s out September 15th so I’ll probably be promoting that. I’ll be doing a music video for my next single which is gonna be out early next year. And I’ll be busy writing my album (also out next year). I’m really excited for everybody to hear it now.

So any plans for further on in the future?

Just want to keep plugging my music away really, performing. I’d love to travel more. A few of my friends have gone to Australia or France and Ibiza, and they’ve heard my music being played, which is pretty amazing really. I’d love to travel globally and do a few gigs over there.


 Beth Sherburn's new single Overload is out now!

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