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How to get a summer job this holiday

By Editor
How to get a summer job this holiday

The student year has ended and you’re probably wondering how you’ll be able to fill your days. You can finally get round to watching that box set that all your friends keep referencing in conversation? Why not? Begin an intense exercise regime? Err, I guess.

But what you should also be considering is: how are you going to finance this break of hedonism? And sadly, you’re going to have to get yourself a bit of summer work, so you don’t have resort to the bank of mom and dad. It’s not all bad, though, as there will surely be loads of dead hours during your vacation where you could be earning. Here are some tips of how to get that job.

You will be competing with an array of people – unemployed, graduates and worst of all: those experienced in retail, hospitality or any other sector you’re considering getting into. Therefore, you need to get applying straight away to avoid disappointment.

Make sure your CV corresponds with the job

If you’re going to just send your unaltered CV about in the vain hope you may get a bite, then don’t surprised if no one replies. Look at the job description properly and see how your previous experience can fit in with the skillset required.

University is great for developing, as well as bolstering, your abilities, so don’t worry if your on-the-job experience isn’t too vast. Also, don’t be too shy to turn up in person and drop it off - enthusiasm is one of the main attributes employers look for.


You’ll be hard pushed to find one lecturer or tutor at university that you don’t get on with.

This is a great thing because most uni staff (if they like you) will be more than willing to back you up should your work require a reference. If they don’t, it’s time to start buttering up.

The Internet is your friend

Gone are the days of feverishly scanning the broadsheets for a sniff of work. Getting on the web has made locating jobs so easy. Browsing Twitter within your locality is great for finding recent posts by prospective employers that are nearby.

Additionally, Indeed.co.uk is a great way of amalgamating specifics jobs from most job sites.

Modify your cover letter to suit the job

Similar to your CV, do not send out blanket cover letters. Most employers hate it, and it sends them into an unfettered frenzy of pure rage. Just look at the specifications and write three short, concise paragraphs that explain why you’d be a good fit. And be sure to learn a few things about the company so it doesn’t feel like a run of the mill application.

And finally,

Don’t give up

A lot of people get disgruntled if they hear nothing back, but do not make that an issue. Take a break, apply for some jobs, see your friends, apply for more jobs, consider exercising, apply for some more jobs, organise a superb kick back with pals, and then in the morning apply for some jobs.

It may seem like a pain, but you’ll be glad of it when you’re stacking cash and treating yourself and others, as well as burying some for the upcoming term.

But most of all, enjoy your summer!

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